Hi *,

while revamping an old Mixxx controller map some questions popped up where
I didn't find an online hint:

-How can I read the current playhead position (in samples) from a script?
(the current work-around is to set an unused hotcue, read it's position
and clear it again)

-How can I toggle the loop totally independent of anything else?
For instance activating the loop *without* the playhead jumping to loop

-How can I play a specific range "one-shot" style?
For instance play the loop range only once. I was looking for a method
that is similar to play_n_samples() from current position.

Last question: looking at deprecated methods, for
SelectNextPlaylist / SelectPrevPlaylist and SelectNextTrack /
The syntax is exactly the same [Playlist] binary [Library] MoveDown / MoveUp.
I understand that these methods are context-sensitive and there is a
method to move focus like with TAB.
However if user clicks in UI anything, how could i set the focus directly
to for instance the tracklist?

Note: I had issues with loop_in / loop_out, roughly speaking the loop
handles were wandering along with the playhead sometimes.
I'm testing this with the mixxx-release-2.1.1.tar.gz tarball.

Any help is appreciated,


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