Hi Developers,

I am happy to announce Mixxx 2.1.2.

Here is a quick summary of what is new in Mixxx 2.1.2:

* Allow maximum deck speed of 4x normal
* Don't always quantize hotcues, a 2.1.1 regression lp1777429
* Fix artifacts using more than 32 samplers lp1779559
* store No EQ and Filter persistently lp1780479
* Pad unreadable samples with silence on cache miss lp1777480
* Fixing painting of preview coloumn for Qt5 builds lp1776555
* LateNight: Fix play button right click lp1781829
* LateNight: Added missing sort up/down buttons
* Fix sampler play button tooltips lp1779468
* Shade: remove superfluid margins and padding in sampler.xml lp1773588
* Deere: Fix background-color code
* ITunes: Don't stop import in case of duplicated Playlists lp1783493

If you encounter any problems, please report at

We are also working towards Mixxx 2.2.0 which will include new features and QT 5. We will publish beta builds here soon: http://downloads.mixxx.org/builds/2.2/

You can already test Mixxx 2.2.0-alpha-pre found at:
But please note, it is an untested alpha, not suitable to use live without thorough own testing.

Kind regards,


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