Just want to say hello to all of you.

I'm new on Mixxx development. 

Some details about myself:

I used to be a developer. My experience includes C, C++, PHP, JScript
plus some other esoteric languages, mainly in Unix and Linux
environments and mainly as a system developer. Not so much experience
on user graphical programs.

But I stopped programming professorially 15 years ago when I started to
be a manager instead of a developer. 10 year ago I moved to other kind
of life in international cooperation (a lot more rewarding, by the way)
and 3 years ago I moved again to management of IT projects for NGO's.

That means that my development skills are a little bit rusty ;)

I also used to be a semi profesional DJ back at the end of the 70's
(yes, I have some age). I have always had music as one of my main
hobbies and have been using Mixxx since 7 or 8 year ago.

I have taken the ownership of the bug  "#1128005 Emphasize the
downbeats of a track by a separate marker on the waveform" as my first
bug. I like the functionality proposed :)

I'm new to GIT, and to Qt so is going to take some time until I really
become productive. And probably I will need to place questions in the
list to be able to advance. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Ah! And English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse my mistakes
on it also.

Thanks :)

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