You have to edit *.osm file saved by JOSM and remove <bounds> sections at the beginning of the file. Otherwise mkgmap only processes the last rectangle downloaded by JOSM.

El 21/09/16 a las 10:11, nwastra escribió:
I have used JOSM to download a section of the OSM along a railway corridor doing 4 saves into the same layer, then updated the data and saved the lot as an .osm file. I did it this way because the area was too big for one download using JOSM. But only a portion is made into a Garmin map for my eTrex, the last of the 4 sections saved. The dropbox image shows the size as JOSM sees the osm file when reloaded and the gmapsupp.img is the red rectangle Is this the expected result? I wanted all the .osm saved file to be made into the gmapsupp.img
I have tried this process several times with the same result.
Here is the command used from iMac El Capitan 10.11.6 with Java8 Update 101.

Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java -jar
--family-name="OpenStreetmap Mkgmap”
--series-name="Josm “
--area-name="default “
--output-dir=/Users/MyDirectory/Documents/JOSM/Save_OSM_file/ /Users/MyDirectory/Documents/JOSM/Save_OSM_file/Josm_save.osm

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