So, are these changes included in the new style manual that comes in the
mkgmap installation package?

Yes they are. The package always includes documentation created from the same version.

The documentation on the web site is also supposed to be updated with every new build, but that isn't happening at the moment... as I just
found out.

Also, a small note about terminology. This issue pops up now and again
and it's not a big one but I feel I should point it out. When you refer
to what we in the U.S. call parentheses (singular parenthesis), you use
the term "brackets".  Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most
mathematicians use parenthesis to describe this character? "(" or ")".

I see, interesting.  From the link Colin just posted it seems that the
term brackets as an alternative to parentheses in UK, but not in USA,
usage.  So I agree that we should not use the term bracket without any

I suggest to consistently use the following then:

() - parentheses
[] - square brackets
{} - curly braces
<> - angle brackets

All those sound fine from a UK perspective.  Any problems?

Best wishes
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