HI Ticker, I'll package up some data for you. I have 
generate-sea:extend-sea-sectors in my options file, I think it will be related 
to that.


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Hi Mike

I'll fix/improve the message.

Can you tell if it is the sea polygons, the line 'coastline', or the
island area (if your style generates this) that is corrupt.

Maybe send your splitter options / areas.list, mkgmap options and style
and I'll see if I can reproduce.


On Thu, 2017-02-16 at 01:23 +0000, Mike Baggaley wrote:
> HI Ticker, I've tried the patch without the --order-by-decreasing
> -area option and it does now run without crashing. However, it
> suffers from the same problem as I mentioned earlier when trying -
> -order-by-decreasing-area without the patch, in that the coastline is
> corrupted. I haven't yet turned on detailed logging - I can do that
> if it would help.
> I note that in MapSplitter.java there is a new line:
> log.info("Single item larger that WANTED_MAX_AREA_SIZE",
> area.getBounds().getCenter().toOSMURL());
> I think this should say 'than' rather than 'that' and probably
> WANTED_MAX_AREA_SIZE should be outside the string so we see an actual
> number.
> Regards,
> Mike

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