Hi Gerd,

I tested your patch but I still see frequent crashes near tile borders.

Van: mkgmap-dev <mkgmap-dev-boun...@lists.mkgmap.org.uk> namens Gerd Petermann 
Verzonden: woensdag 7 februari 2018 02:45:27
Aan: mkgmap-dev@lists.mkgmap.org.uk
Onderwerp: [mkgmap-dev] patch for crash in MapSource

Hi all,

attached is a patch that seems to help in many cases where --dem-poly causes 
crashes in MapSource "Show Profile..."
A binary is here:

It changes the TRE file and the *.tdb file.
I still see a few crashes but maybe those are caused by other problems.

Please try and let me know your results. I found no bad impact so far,
long distance routing still seems to work, but I've not tested much.

@Steve: Maybe we have to make sure that the areas in *.tdb do not overlap.
In this case this patch is not yet okay.

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