Hi all,

I have no idea how to solve the problem with crashes in MapSource when
--route is used with --transparent and --dem . Maybe there is another flag that
has to be changed, maybe it is not supported by Garmin.

So, the best work around seems to be using transparent background polygons 
in combination with new option --transparent=semi and a TYP file that 
makes 0x4b transparent.
Attached is a patch that implements new options like this, please suggest 
improvements for the documentation, else I'll use the same description for
the doc as well.

        Make the map transparent, so that if two maps covering the same area are
        loaded, you can see through this map to see details from the other map 
        Typically used for maps containing just contour lines. See 
        as well. 
        Note that the combination of options --transparent and --route often 
        problems in MapSource and Basecamp, e.g. routing may not work well or 
        MapSource may crash when pressing the "Show profile..." button.         
        If not given mkgmap writes background polygons (type 0x4b) and doesn't
        set transparent flag in the TRE header.
        If parameter full is used or no parameter is given mkgmap does not write
        the background polygons and sets the transparent flag.
        If parameter semi is used mkgmap writes background polygons and sets the
        transparent flag. A type file is needded that sets the 0x4b polygon to 
        transparent. This allows good routing in MapSource and Basecamp but 
        may cause crashes in MapSource.            

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