Hi Gerd, I had seen your post, but it came while I was away, so it wasn't
practical to view the patch on my phone. I thought you were primarily after
some hints on how to solve the conflict between Eclipse and ant, and had no
answer to that.

Providing the details of the inputs in a separate file sounds fine to me.

I would consider the program code to be pretty trivial and am not intending
to claim any copyright on it - if you need to specify license and copyright
then I am happy for it to be whatever is easiest for you - if there is a
global license/copyright for mkgmap, you could just lump it in with that.
Wherever you want to place it is fine by me - it is likely that you will
probably be the one using it the most.

By the way, is there any information on the txt file format that is used to
generate the HTML? I see that ===text=== is converted to <h1>text</h1>, but
several of the headings would really be better as <h2>.


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Hi Mike,

sorry for the delay. It seems you did not see my post
where I attached a modified version of the buildoptions program.

I've merged your changes with my patch, but omitted the part starting with
"Input files may be of the following types: ".
The list is incomplete. I think the program understands various compressed
formats like *.osm.bz2 or *.osm.gz or *.osm.zip.
Also missing is the polish format *.mp.   We have a file
I think this would be the best place to put these details, but the link in
file help is missing.

I am not sure where to put your program and what licence /copyright message
to use. This patch places it in src\buildoptions\OptionsBuilder.java because
that made it easier for me to use it.
Compared to my first patch I've modified the build script so that options is
not automatically overwritten, instead one has to use
ant options-file
to "compile" it.


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Hi Gerd, now that my previous documentation patch has been committed, I have
noticed a couple of errors in it that I didn't notice because I didn't have
the means to compile it into the web pages. Please find attached a small
patch that corrects these errors and adds some information on the input
files, primarily to describe typ file compilation. I have also slightly
tweaked the code for generating the options file from options.txt, but as
the previous version does not appear to be in SVN, this has come across as a
complete file, rather than the change (which is just the deletion of the
hyphen character in 'if (line.startsWith(";-")) {').


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