Is mkgmap-default-style Routing by foot/bicycle according to Usecase?

1. Navigate from "_START" to "_FINISH".
Routing is OK for both foot and bicycle.
Routing will not use the Motorway. 


2. Add one Viapoint "_VIA" AND put it ON the Motorway.
My deliberate Error is just for "testing" purposes. Although I have made the
same mistake in real life several times.
Foot and Cycling are very much prohibited on the Motorway.
Now Routing will follow the Motorway. Which is an error, dangerous and an


3. My "own" Map is specific to Car or Bicycle or Foot only.
My Bicycle_Map (or Foot_Map) will avoid the "_VIA" as much as possible.
Simply refuses to use the motorway because of explicit [bicycle=no].


Just a "proof of concept" question!
I'm considering to migrate for my Car-map to mkgmap-default-style.
Car only, so incorrect routing for foot/bicycle is no issue. For me...

Eric (AnkEric)

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