Hello Kushagra,

Welcome! One place to start, if you have not already seen it, is:

http://www.mlpack.org/involved.html <http://www.mlpack.org/involved.html>

There are a few issues on Github that might be a good place to jump in;
we tag them by difficulty, so here are the "easy" tickets:


But I see there are not very many right now; I think most of them got
resolved during the GSoC application period.  There are "moderate"
difficult tickets too:


Maybe some of those are interesting? Also, we are always open for interesting
new methods, since you said you have implemented some ANN models in the past you
might be interested in contributing something in that direction? Let us know if
we can clarify anything further.


> On 22 Sep 2016, at 18:40, Kushagra Agrawal <kushagra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Developers;
> I am new to the world of Open Source Development and would like to 
> contribute. I am fluent in C++,Python and have implemented standard data 
> structures and algorithms using it. I also have a fair knowledge of Machine 
> Learning and have implemented ANN models on C++ in the past. It would be 
> great if you can get me started. Thank you.
> Kushagra Agrawal
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