Dear developers of mlpack,

My name is Artem Fedoskin. I have already written to this mailing list but
I think it would be good to introduce myself. I study a Master's Degree in
Data Analytics at University of Hildesheim (Germany). I have already
participated in GSoC 2016 in KDE with the project that involved C++ and Qt
framework (KStars Lite).

Indeed I'm very interested in Machine Learning and I was very happy to find
your library. Though now I primarily use Python for Data Science purposes,
I would be very happy to use my C++ knowledge for Machine Learning.

I'm particularly interested in following projects:
1. Essential Deep Learning Modules
2. Alternatives to neighborhood-based collaborative filtering
3. Reinforcement Learning

Is it possible that more than one student will work on Deep Learning
Modules? We could implement different algorithms.

Apart from Deep Learning I'm very interested in collaborative filtering.
Our lectures have already covered some of the main concepts and I'm very
interested in that area.

I have compiled mlpack and tried several examples. I'm currently looking at
what I could do on GitHub but I would be very grateful if you could point
me to some issue related to the projects I'm interested in.

Regards, Artem Fedoskin
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