Hey there!
Congratulations on getting into GSoC' 18!!

I was going through the organisations participating this year searching for
organisations working in ML and DL related field. I came across mlpack and
was delighted to see a project on RL!! I like RL and and wanted some
project to do in this field.
I have experience working with Neural Networks, Reinforcement Leaning, and
Deep Q Learning. As this is the first day of me with your repository,
I have gone through requirements for an applicant for 'Reinforcement
Learning' project and trying to go through as many papers listed as
Are there any more 'bonus' papers, or anything extra that wold be required.
Moreover, I am thinking of working on my application at the earliest this
week. Is that ok ? I am going through the code base and as I find something
to talk about/on, can I trouble you people with my questions? There might
be a lot, some even stupid !

Thank you

PS : This mail went too long!! Sorry for the long read !
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