I am Tiberiu Lepadatu, a second year student at the University Politehnica
Bucharest. I have a strong interest in machine learning and numerical
methods. I
use deep learning approaches in my homework for the university or in my
projects (for example I have developed a chat bot that integrates nlp and
ml for
the competition The Voice). I am currently enrolled in the machine learning
course by Andrew NG and i am an avid learner. I have taken the advice that
given to me on the IRC channel and i have devoted my time in the past weeks
understanding the neural networks implementation from your library. GSOC
give me the write enforcement to develop myself as a student in mashing
and as a researcher in this field. I will be more than happy to help you
implement the deep learning modules. I was thinking that i can do over the
summer RBFN or BRN or even LSTM. Also i think that it will be interesting
to do
a implementation of the colorful image colorization and will be suited for
bringing newcomers into the project. All in all, I want you to consider my
and to give me the proper guidance for this project. Also giving the
intensive character of the study that i am proposing i feel like my first
request tot he project will be months in the future.

Kind regards,
Tiberiu Lepdatu
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