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> Hey Marcus,
> As i was looking through the stacked GAN papers i came across a few
> versions of it. Mostly the idea behind all of them is same but a couple of
> things are different basically the way the whole thing is trained.
> Can you let me know which version of Stacked GAN do we need. or should it
> be a feature of the design where one can choose one method over other.
> Also in the papers they have stopped with just 2 GAN's stacked together. So
> are we also just implementing that or is it users choice to add how many
> networks can they combine. Also if it is latter are they any limits as to
> how many one can add.
> Also for the Capsule Networks from what i have seen till now i think i
> would have to implement another file and i cannot use FFN file directly. As
> in capsule network the basic building block is quite different. Also the
> training algorithm there works quite differently. But that's just what it
> feels like to me initially. If you have some thoughts on it, i would love
> to know them.

Hi Ayush,

It is generally up to the student to decide how to put together their
proposal.  I would advise you to think carefully about what would be
most useful to end users (and why) and make your decisions based on
that, instead of any of the mentors' opinions.



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