Hello everyone,
My name is Prabhat Sharma ( Github: Prabhat-IIT) and I am a sophomore at
IIT Roorkee, India pursuing Electrical Engineering. I am a machine learning
enthusiast and am well versed with C/C++, Python and Matlab. I've completed
some basic Machine Learning MOOCs and in the process implemented some
pretty famous algorithms from scratch.
Recently, I've Interned with Shopclues <https://www.shopclues.com/> an
e-commerce giant in India. I won a hackathon organized by the company and
helped them to build a merchant rating system for over 6 lakh merchants by
analysing real time data and feeding it to simple but effectively designed
machine learning algorithm which was formulated by me and my team members.

I'm also a member of my colleges Data Science group
<https://github.com/dsgiitr>. We are a bunch of people who organize open
discussions and workshops related to various cool and interesting topics of
machine learning. Some of our members have also written some awesome blogs

Presently, I'm working with Prof. Kusum Deep( google scholar
<http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=ByQN_c0AAAAJ>) on convex
optimization. She is an expert on Nature inspired optimization techniques
especially Particle swarm optimization. She has also written a book on it
<http://www.newagepublishers.com/servlet/nagetbiblio?bno=001699> . Lately,
I've been helping her in organizing a workshop <http://scrs.in/seta/> on
Particle swarm optimization jointly organized by

*Soft Computing Research Society. *
So, I'm very much interested in the Particle Swarm optimization project. I
would like to know what can I do prior to Gsoc proposal submission
regarding the project. I can make a base PR for PSO like the one which is
open or I can implement some other optimizers for constrained optimization

Thanks and Regards
Prabhat Sharma
Sophomore, IIT Roorkee
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