I am trying compile mlt from github with ndi sdk and the configure say me

Configuring framework:
Configuring modules:
Configuring modules/avformat:
Configuring modules/core:
Configuring modules/decklink:
Configuring modules/feeds:
Configuring modules/frei0r:
Configuring modules/gtk2:
- Libexif found, enabling auto rotate
Configuring modules/kdenlive:
Configuring modules/lumas:
Configuring modules/ndi:
- NDI SDK not found: disabling
Configuring modules/oldfilm:
Configuring modules/opencv:
- OpenCV tracking contrib module NOT found, disabling OpenCV modules
Configuring modules/opengl:
Configuring modules/plus:
Configuring modules/rtaudio:
Configuring modules/sdl:
- sdl development libs not found: disabling
Configuring modules/sox:
Configuring modules/swfdec:
- swfdec not found: disabling
Configuring modules/vmfx:
Configuring modules/xml:
Configuring mlt++:
Configuring swig:
LGPLv2.1 license used; GPL components disabled

This is my line for configure

./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-gpl3 --disable-jackrack

How can I compile with this support

Thanks for all

Best regards

Ricardo Jiménez Hurtado
Dpto. Técnico Comercial
DCT Instalaciones
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