>From Valdimir

We don't want to make Unsafe.defineAnonymousClass() part of public API, 
but consider moving forward on that front providing lightweight code 
loading machinery.

While I used defineAnno for awhile currently I just use defineClass in my 
own class loader.
My only concern is that perhaps its slow as its probably checking 
security, validating byte codes
etc.  All things that don't add any value in my app.  I did originally 
like the ability to patch the
constants but found just making constant callsites just as easy. Again 
maybe not as

Seems like a class loader that specializes in dynamic languages would be a 
way to hide and
localize the unsafe code while maintaining ease of use.

I am all for low level incremental improvements at this point.  I am 
concerned about what seems
to be a focus on specific guest language support enhancements.


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