yes, you're right, 
so if think i prefer to 'allow a free intermixing of any number of steps (var 
updates) with any other number of pred/fini pairs' which requires less brain 
power to understand that the double encoding you are proposing :) 

Something like: 

public interface InnerLoopBuilder { 
// variableIndex in [0..inits.length[ 
void addVariableUpdate(int variableIndex, MethodHandle step); 

void addLoopExit(MethodHandle predicate, MethodHandle finisher); 

MethodHandle loopMH(MethodHandle[] inits, Consumer<InnerLoopBuilder> consumer) 
{ ... } 


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On Aug 26, 2015, at 6:06 AM, Rémi Forax < > wrote: 

it's less powerful but it seems you can encode all your examples of loops too. 

No, I don't think so. Multiple pred/fini pairs implement multiple loop exits. 
Any loop with an "if-return" in it has an exit distinct from the loop's main 
And each exit requires a different fini function, to encode a special result. 

The match loop has this multi-exit character: 

for (int i; i < a.len; i++) { 
Object e = a[i]; 
if (ok(e)) return e; // first fini function; could also be e.payload 
return null; // second fini function; could also be throwNotFound or 

Sometimes even "&&" type predicate logic expands into multi-exit code, if the 
loop needs to return a value that encodes which sub-predicate caused the exit. 

— John 

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