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> ummm ... this seems to imply I can remove the findSuperConstructor() proposal 
> from the Indy JEP. Incidentally, it's on my list for this week - and less 
> work is always good. ;-) Even if, in this case, it leads to disappointment. I 
> agree with you in that opening up the MH API like this will introduce several 
> trapdoors and additional complication.
> Please let me know ...

Hi Michael.  See previous message.  It looks like (in most cases, mostly) the 
burden can be put back on the bytecode generators, like Groovy.

In a couple of cases we might want to add API for these use cases:

1. The workarounds are so complex and error-prone that a convenience function 
is needed.  (As with PICs, etc., requires a matured notion of what the 
convenience should be.)

2. We might still need some sort of multi-way super.<init> call, but I think 
there are bytecode-level workarounds for this also, that verify today.  (The 
multi-way super comes is visible in the "no can do!" comment of my POC code.)

— John
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