teleporting...reminds me of the security mechanism underlying The Mill

On 19/12/2015 00:35, John Rose wrote:
FYI, we just had a useful conversation about how the new readability
restrictions from Jigsaw modules should affect the MHs.Lookup API.
Specifically, we need a couple more access modes to represent the new
layers of type readability (interacts with lookup and accessibility),
plus a special behavior (another access mode bit) for publicLookup,
to represent the fact that there is no longer a true global scope.

Given the increased complexity of access layers we also want to
add a (trivial) API point to directly drop access mode bits from a Lookup.

(copied below) and nearby messages.

The Jigsaw guys have a charming name for what does:
It "teleports" a lookup to another location.  Teleporting outside a module
tends to shut down all access rights (to preserve monotonicity of privilege),
except for publicLookup which retains its special globalized viewpoint.

This is a refinement on the current Lookup enhancement in the Jigsaw repo.
As one consequence, the publicLookup.lookupClass can go back to
being Object, and is usefully teleportable elsewhere, so that (in turn)
it is broadly useful with the new API point Lookup.findClass, which
uses the lookupClass as a starting point for name resolution.

— John

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