I’ve been doing some work on getting useful coverage information from Jacoco 
for Magik, and some of the same issues probably apply to other JVM language 
implementations such as JRuby and Nashorn, so I thought I’d ask a couple of 
things here. I’m attempting to get some changes into Jacoco to better handle 
source files which are not organised in the standard java way, either because 
they are organised according to other existing conventions (as in our case), or 
in an extremely ad hoc fashion (javascript/nashorn).

  1.  What are people recording as the source file for their generated class 
files? Does it include an absolute or relative path (is it relative to some 
well defined root)?
  2.  What package are your classes in?

The three current proposals for changing jacoco are to

  1.  Ignore the package when a source file contains directory separators
  2.  Add an “ignore package” configuration option for source lookup
  3.  Add configuration options to ignore packages for specified file extensions

I think any of these three options would work in my case, but I’d like to make 
this change as widely applicable as possible.

Regards, Duncan.

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