Hi Martijn,

> Am 09.08.2016 um 00:15 schrieb Martijn Verburg <martijnverb...@gmail.com>:
> Love the overall idea.  A few thoughts (feel free to ignore as I'm by no 
> means an expert in the VM).

thank you. As this JEP spans the VM and the libraries, with a definitely 
client-facing part in MethodHandles.Lookup, user questions are important. :-)

> * Is there a risk that Gargantuan can expand to infinite size?

There is, as much as there is a risk that infinitely many classes are loaded 
dynamically (e.g., via Unsafe.defineAnonymousClass()). Collecting IMs (and the 
constants they introduce) is not out of the question, though. Once the method 
handle representing an IM can be collected, the IM itself can be, too; and its 
constants can unless they are shared.

> * I'm really nervous about the security implications of being able to load an 
> arbitrary byte[] that can be executed as a method. I'm hoping that the use of 
> the internal Unsafe + Jigsaw's module boundaries makes this secure. Lots of 
> really, really smart people have looked at the security implications of this, 
> right? :-)

Does Unsafe.defineAnonymousClass() worry you? It allows just this: loading some 
byte[] that can be executed as a method - albeit with the added complexity of 
it being wrapped in a complete class file.

The choice of MethodHandles.Lookup as the place for loadCode() is deliberate. A 
Lookup instance defines a context for visibility and access to other elements, 
and the instructions in the byte[] array will be subject to the scrutiny 
imposed by the Lookup instance at hand.

People smarter than me will say more about the security implications. This is a 
JEP draft. There is no implementation yet, not even a prototype, and there is a 
lot to be learned along the way.

> * Gargantuan - Appreciate it's a placeholder but I can't say I like the name, 
> it doesn't tell me what it does on the tin.

It's a literary reference that's supposed to imply "large" [1] - could've used 
"Gulliver" but he's one of us. ;-)



[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gargantua_and_Pantagruel


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