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Thanks!  That's a great start.  Should be a JEP.  — John

P.S.  You got me.  I filed
https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8172476 to help track this.

I have the feeling the behaviour of the value with regards to GC is still a bit underspecified, but if I understand this right, then we do as if there is a kind of virtual strong reference from key to value.

I wonder if that kind of logic will get me where I want to. To cite myself: "What I would like to have is a new Reference variant that allows me to keep an instance alive for as long as the class of the object is alive, without the instance keeping the class alive"

That means the key would be the class and the value would be an instance of that class.... But doesn´t mean I won´t be getting what I want? Wouldn´t the value imply to keep the key alive? Using a WeakReference for the value will not get me the logic I want either.

Or maybe let us look at a special case in which the value strongly references the key. Will that keep the key and value alive?

bye Jochen

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