[2016-09-10 15:22] Philipp Takacs <phil...@bureaucracy.de>
> [2016-09-09 09:35] Link Satonaka <link.saton...@outlook.com>
> >
> > Maybe there are more differences in terms of attachment
> > storage, but the differences are very slight.
> The files should be the same. MH and Maildir store every mail as is and
> one file per mail.

The files *are* the same.

DJB took MH as the basis and only changed what was necessary
to solve the locking problem.

> MH is MRA compatible, but sadly there are only a few MRA with support MH.

I don't understand this statement, but maybe my knowledge of
actual implementations is too small.

In theory, MRAs *retrieve* mail, which they then pass to an MDA
for *delivery* (possibly via the local MTA). This at least is
what fetchmail does (very well). I assume that any MDA will be
able to deliver to a command. Procmail, which we probably all
use anyway, is able to do so. This, for instance, is from my

        :0 w :.lock
        * ^List-ID: <mmh.marmaro.de>
        | /usr/local/mmh/bin/rcvstore +l/mmh

... and -- voila -- I have MH support for message retrieval.

Syncing mail via IMAP is something different; it has nothing
to do with MRAs.

> If you want other solutions to this problem you could write was is your
> current setup and what are your requirements. Maybe we find a better
> solution for you.

I much appreciate this approach to the problem! Thanks, Philipp.


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