[2016-09-17 08:34] Dmitry Bogatov <kact...@gnu.org>
> [pick maintainer in thread]
> [mmh upstream in thread]
> Hello.
> In attachment bug report about the fact, that mmh package in debian
> installs pick.1 manpage, and same does unrelated `pick' package.
> Submitter proposed to rename pick(1), but I am relucant to do it,
> because it may break expectations of other tools.
> I heard it is somehow possible to write manpage in a way, that I
> install it into `mmh_pick.1' file, but `man pick' still chooses it,
> but I am no troff wizard. Any suggestion how to fix issue?

The nmh package has to deal with the same situation. It appears
to be best to have a look how they solved the issue and then do
it the same way.


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