[2016-09-16 15:22] Dmitry Bogatov <kact...@gnu.org>
> part       text/plain                1232
>  * avoid bogus Attach header, containing directory of
>    file being attached

Can you explain what bug.

>  * simplify code, taking advantage of `readlink -f'.
> ---
> Notes:
>     This patch fixes bug, it is fact.

Claim down explain the bug.

If you mean that symlinks arn't followed, this is expected.

> Another fact is that there is no
>     `readlink` utility in POSIX-2008. So questions are:
>      * Are there any worthy systems, which are still in interactive use,
>        and are lacking `readlink' utility?

Any System implementing POSIX.

>      * Does `readlink' utility on systems other then GNU/Linux support
>        option -f?

The ``-f'' option in FreeBSD specifies the output format[0]. This is the
problem, we can't point to a standard and say follow this and everything

>      * Why do we use deprecated `command substitution` syntax instead of
>        modern $(syntax), which is in POSIX-2008?

I don't want to start this discousion now.


[0]: this is acourding to the manpage, the actual code does something

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