[2016-09-09 18:58] Dmitry Bogatov <kact...@gnu.org>
> When I started working on patch, which would extract file creation
> with `m_gmprot', I asked myself more general question -- what is the
> point of `m_gmprot'?
>       $ man mh-profile
>              Msg-Protect:0644
>                   An octal number which defines the permission bits for new 
> message
>                   files.  See chmod(1) for an explanation of the octal number.
>                   (profile, default: 0600)
> In code, it is passed to umask(2) anyway. So, as I understand matter,
> Msg-Protect is just a way to specify mmh-local umask.


> If my understanding is correct, we can eliminate it fully. If not, please,
> I need clarification.

As I couldn't come up with a clear oppinion about it, back then,
I left it as it was. Haven't made much fuzz about it, but at the
same time I haven't seen much worth in it, equally.

I always thought that it existed because mail could be regarded
as needing more privacy concern, thus the files should be stronger
protected (the default is 0600, that equals a umask of 077) in
contrast to normal umasks, which are often 02 only.

For the mail storage we can solve the privacy problem by setting
the permissions for ~/Mail appropriately, but mhstore(1) seems to
be the relevant point. If you set Nmh-Storage in the profile to
store all files of to a central directory, which all users use,
then Msg-Protect is relevant.

I would like to have Msg-Protect removed, but I am not sure if we
cut off valuable possibilities at the same time. Actually, the
point is that my feeling is that I don't see far enough in this
topic to be conviced of any decision.

But I would say that we can remove it from everywhere except
from mhstore(1), without problem.

More oppinions or ideas on this?


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