After quite a long development, Mnemosye 2.4 beta 1 is now ready for 

The main change is an upgrade to Python 3 / PyQt5, although there is also a 
contributed feature by Emilian Mihalache, so that the tag combobox now 
expands to give suggestions for tags also when using more than one tag. 
Also a big thanks to Devin Howard for getting the OSX installer updated.

Since many Linux distributions are now phasing out Python 2 support, and 
since PyQt4 does not support high pixel density screens very well, this 
move was long overdue.

Due to these drastic changes in the internals, there are probably still 
some bugs lurking around, of which I hope that this public beta will bring 
them to light. Don't be too afraid to try it, though: I've been using this 
version for my own reviews for more than 1 month, so I don't think there 
are showstoppers or major data integrity issues.

You can get the files here:…/Mnemosyne%202.4%20beta%201/ 

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