on Windows 10:
When creating a new card, I would wish to just use the extremely useful 
Windows snipping tool on some PDF excerpt that interests me,
and copy and paste it into the card directly (after a snip is made, it's 
automatically saved in the clipboard by the tool).
That would cut down on card creation time immensely and might make the tool
good enough for me to actually consistently use (because it wouldn't break 
my flow at all and just goes nicely along with the process of learning).
However, the pasting option is sadly grayed out. 
Going thru the file structure to add an image just takes too long and is 
distracting useless menuing,
that I would wish to avoid.
Is there any way to enable that feature (a plugin, an option)?

For reference:
Anki allows it,
when writing an email in Thunderbird it allows that
the form, that I'm typing this question allows it

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