I have over past three years created 2790 cards on my laptop that proved 
invaluable in my insane attempt to learn Japanese at the age of 70. While 
getting ready to travel (light), I installed Mnemosyne 2.6 on my Android phone, 
but could not find a way to transfer my card files there. The advice I got on 
this forum, from Peter Biensman, (Thank you Peter) went over my head and seemed 
to involve removing the card files from the PC before installing the Mnemosyne 
2.6 on the smart phone. Did I understand that right? Scary. How exactly is that 
   Also, when updating from my old Mnemosyne to 2.6 version, I seemed to lose 
the ability to copy from a card directly, have to first open it in 'edit'. 
Minor inconvenience. More disappointing is that I cannot make the cards adjust 
relative size of the front and back windows, manually or automatically. Most of 
my cards have one or two lines in front and around 10 lines in back. Any way to 
fix that?

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