On Monday, December 11, 2017 at 1:26:58 PM UTC-4, Peter Bienstman wrote:
> https://mnemosyne-proj.org/download-mnemosyne.php
> Mnemosyne 2.6 : 2017-12-11
> - Import of Anki databases (both *.anki2 and *.apgk) as well as
>   possibility to edit these M-sided card types (though not yet in a way
>   that would change the number of sister cards).
> - Fix display of question in the card browser in case you configured
>   Mnemosyne to show question and answer in the same window.
> - Fix bugs with increase of non-latin fonts (reported by JDD annd Scott
>   Youngman).
> - Fix cornercase bug in RTL handler (reported by Fonzo99).
> - Upgrade to latest version of libraries (PyQt, Python, Matplotlib).
> - Improve keyboard shortcuts (reported by Scott Youngman).
> - Fixes to the behaviour of the Edit dialog of the Card Browser (reported by
>   Scott Youngman).
> - Also save window size when exiting window by pressing escape (reported by
>   Scott Youngman).
> - Fix display of map cards when showing Q and A in the same box (reported by
>   Scott Youngman).
> - Disallow renaming a single tag to multiple tags in the tag tree widget.
>   (reported by abacus).
> - In case you get crashes in the browser when trying to display only untagged
>   cards, you can now run 'File - Compact - Defragment database' to fix this
>   (reported by abacus).
> - Fix crash in headless server.
> - Fix crashes when running separate scripts (patch by Julian Mehne).

I was looking for the change log on the site. Seems like it should be there, or 
linked in help in the app. Dunno, perhaps nobody else looks for change logs. 

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