Branch: refs/tags/1.0.65
  Commit: bf10ae7533c0cc994b74660f8e3d7070a7a7e7b6
  Author: CloudBees DEV@Cloud <>
  Date:   2016-09-16 (Fri, 16 Sep 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M core/bootstrap/pom.xml
    M core/domain/pom.xml
    M core/gmlc-common-library/pom.xml
    M core/oam/cli/pom.xml
    M core/pom.xml
    M core/slee/pom.xml
    M core/slee/services/du/pom.xml
    M core/slee/services/library/pom.xml
    M core/slee/services/pom.xml
    M core/slee/services/sbbs/pom.xml
    M docs/adminguide/pom.xml
    M docs/adminguide/sources-asciidoc/pom.xml
    M docs/commons/pom.xml
    M docs/installationguide/pom.xml
    M docs/installationguide/sources-asciidoc/pom.xml
    M docs/pom.xml
    M pom.xml
    M test-suite/pom.xml
    M tools/pom.xml

  Log Message:
  New release candidate


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