Branch: refs/heads/project_upgrade
  Commit: 8c6fdbed1033a6e4022f261abfe5091eda472a2e
  Author: Fernando Mendioroz <>
  Date:   2018-03-07 (Wed, 07 Mar 2018)

  Changed paths:
    M core/bootstrap/src/main/config/META-INF-dialogic/jboss-beans.xml
    M core/bootstrap/src/main/config/META-INF-m3ua-dialogic/jboss-beans.xml
    M core/bootstrap/src/main/config/META-INF/jboss-beans.xml
    M core/bootstrap/src/main/config/log4j/jboss-log4j-debug.xml
    M core/bootstrap/src/main/config/log4j/jboss-log4j-default.xml
    M core/bootstrap/src/main/config/log4j/jboss-log4j-production.xml

  Log Message:
  Fix for configuration of 1) org.mobicents.ss7:service name, and 2) CDR 
logging. Issues #87 and #95.


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