Branch: refs/heads/restcomm1657
  Commit: c72d174e36d802fa60fd3211df5443f446ad425f
  Author: Jaime Casero <>
  Date:   2018-04-09 (Mon, 09 Apr 2018)

  Changed paths:
    M restcomm/pom.xml
    M restcomm/restcomm-connect.core/pom.xml
    M restcomm/restcomm.dns.api/pom.xml
    M restcomm/
    M restcomm/restcomm.extension.api/pom.xml
    M restcomm/restcomm.extension.controller/pom.xml
    M restcomm/restcomm.http/pom.xml
    M restcomm/restcomm.monitoring.service/pom.xml
    M restcomm/restcomm.provisioning.number.bandwidth/pom.xml
    M restcomm/restcomm.testsuite/pom.xml
    M restcomm/restcomm.testsuite/src/test/resources/arquillian.xml

  Log Message:
  sipservlets proper standalone config file used


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