Im using Couchbase Lite Android/iOS that replicates data from a CouchDB 
server. We have hit a problem where when the number of documents increases 
to a high number (> 100000), the replication goes very slow. To avoid this, 
Im trying to see if I can do a view on CouchDB that returns the required 
documents, then do a one-off replication on them using the _doc_ids filter 
followed by continuous replication so that future changes are pulled in as 
well. This seems to work okay and better than the replication, which easily 
takes about 8-10 mins for the initial replication to finish.

Just to explain better, the sequence is this:
1. User logs in to mobile
2. Make a HTTP call to CouchDB View that gets the documents that we need
3. Do a One-off replication using Native API  . After this,(which takes 
about 3 mins for 100000 documents), the application is usable.
4. Trigger a continuous replication so that future changes are obtained. 
This takes a while to catch up to the sequence until which the one-off has 
replicated changes. 

The problem is that for Step 4 above, there is no way to pass in a "since" 
parameter to the _changes feed. The Native API doesnt seem to have a way to 
feed in the since parameter. If I can get the sequence number after the 
one-off, which should be returned as per, 
how can I start the continuous replication from that point?


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