Bringing this topic back up here. 

I'm thinking about a custom replicator that would talk to IPFS instead of 
Sync Gateway/CouchDB.

What would be needed for this to be implemented? Ideally in a way that 
could be read in from a web app also. I've been following developments at 
OrbitDB <> to get some ideas, 
most recently a plugin that replicates from OrbitDB (IPFS based DB) to 

My understanding of replication is its simply reading in and applying the 
changes feed and then, dealing with conflicts (the complicated part I 

Any pointers would be much appreciated, thanks. 

On Saturday, 21 October 2017 00:46:48 UTC+1, Adam Wilson wrote:
> Continuing on from 
> I have been thinking about this, and I think it would be a great asset to 
> be able to use IPFS and its "Merkle DAG" storage as a remote data store for 
> LiteCore. I have been reading around, and to answer your previous questions 
> Jens:
> "how does it manage mutable data?" - you can use IPNS to store mutable 
> data, as a "peer ID". This would be equivalent to a document ID. 
>  "Does it have a notion of a revision ID? Or I guess the hash of the data 
> may form the revision ID, in which case there's a different identifier for 
> the document itself?" - As far as I can tell, the hash is the link to 
> the immutable data, so similar to the revision ID in CouchDB. In terms of 
> the "document itself", I think that can be referenced with a CRDT structure 
> and/or IPNS (I'm still wrapping my head round all this stuff). 
> There are a few projects building LevelDB compatible layers on top of 
> IPFS, so a CouchDB / LiteCore compatible layer should be feasible. (Most of 
> the projects are written in Javascript, or Go).

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