On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 08:05:21AM -0600, Eric H. Jung wrote:


> Your original mail asked about Prompt.jsm and get the same functionality
> with WebExtensions. Prompt.jsm only permits buttons for "input" from the
> user. There is no capability to display password input boxes or other input
> boxes, or textareas, or anything of the sort as far as I know. 

RTFM. It does a lot more than you think, I hoped the code is still somewhere
around and could be trivially exported to the new API.

> So why is it that Michael's alternate suggestion is not viable for you in 
> this case?

right now I would be happy with anything that popups 7 buttons or that
many menu points. It does not appear that any of the mentioned alternatives
does that? 
I might need something more flexible in the future though.

Btw were you able to check whether the security problem is an issue with
the kind of code you had in mind?


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