Hi everyone,

We are going to establish a baseline crash ratio for Firefox for iOS.

We currently have two good crash ratio metrics on iTunes Connect*: Crashes
per Sessions* and *Crashes per Active Devices*

The current numbers for August 7 for Firefox 8.1.1 are as follows:

  - 909 Crashes / 824,091 Sessions =
*0.0011 (0.11%)*

  - 909 Crashes / 131,074 Active Devices =
*0.0069 (0.69%)*

(For a 21% opt-in rate)

We will use these numbers as a baseline, but I would like to understand
better what a good acceptable ratio is for a non trivial iOS application.

Has anyone in this group ever used a crash ratio as a metric before? If so,
what were your guidelines?

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