The Android team[0] is pleased to announce a new Wikipedia Android app
beta release, v2.4.158-beta-2016-10-13[1]. This revision contains the
following new functionality and fixes[2]:

- Article protection and user editing rights are now handled correctly
  on fresh login
- Add button to dismiss all open article tabs
- Numerous design improvements to share a fact and explore and article
- Fixes for searching history and tap to toggle gallery image
- Several crash fixes

Included in this version are patches from repeat Android contributor,
Neslihan Turan[3]. Keep 'em coming!

You too can help make it better! Read our getting started guide[4]. We
can't wait for your contributions!

-The WMF Android team

[1] Rolling out at
[2] A complete list of changes is available at
[3] IRC: nes,
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