Hi all,

Sharing my experience of using CM13 in redmi2 prime.

I am using redmi2 prime from last 1 year. Last week i decided to
install CM13 in my redmi2 prime and I was able to install it

Good thing that it is official CM13 with google stock android skin on
it. I will receive updates periodically

1. 95% of the phone is accessible. I have not seen yet any part inaccessible.
2. Camera is accessible wherein MIUI it is not accessible.
3. I can pickup calls and power off or reboot system easily which was
difficult in MIUI
4. Okay google is working as expected wherein in MIUI okay google is
not enabled by MIUI itself.
5. Now in case of swiping right and left for reading whats up msgs or
any txt on internet it reads out exact next line and does not jump
somewhere else
6. Now talkback does not get dismissed in case of single tapping for
closing all application. It is also much more easier in case of
dismissing single application.

1. I am missing MIUI simple interface wherein systems apps are in
specific folders.
2. I am not able to create folders inside app drawer and all apps are scattered
3. I am missing call recorder of MIUI as it is not available in CM13
4. Sound recorder is not accessible.

Thanks and regards,
Kiran Baug

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