All the members of the AccessIndia family

It is taking me considerable efforts penning down this mail. I am fighting down 
mixed emotions to put this down.

Well, as  is said, what is is permanent is change. So, I have decided to step 
down from the moderator role, which I have been discharging for all these years.

It takes me back, when Kiran Kaja asked me to take this role as he got 
preoccupied with a job change then. I happily took it up as it was a good 
platform to get connected with. I did realize the potential of this platform 
and it gave me an opportunity to return back to the society which gave me so 

I held the list in trust and tried to serve it to the best of my ability. I do 
cherish the considerable love I got from all the members. I am also thankful to 
the mentors team who worked quietly in the background to make the list more 
agreeable and cohesive.

Kiran is the list owner and it was agreed, he would ensure the platform is up 
and running. My role was to keep the conversation on the list on an acceptable 
level adhering to the list guidelines which we had worked on.

All was fine, until a year now, there are some issues regarding the platform. 
There are bugs in the pages where I have to approve new members etc. For almost 
a year, there is no addition of members to the list. Those who are in digest 
mode are not getting mails for the last 5 months etc. I having been writing to 
him regarding these issues. It seems, I have lost all contacts with him.

This is not getting me anywhere and I don't want to take blame for lapses for 
which I am not responsible for. If we do encounter server issues similar to 
what we had in the past, there is pretty little I can do as I don't have any 
credentials of this platform.

I gave myself a very long rope, however, I am run out of it. If anyone from the 
list can somehow reach out to him, probably we can get the list to order.

To my mind, this list has grown almost to an institution heights. I shudder to 
think it take the InclusivePlanet way.
Being an ardent optimist, I do hope the list shall overcome this rough patch.

So what it would mean for the present, I shall not intervene into any 
conversation as I am no more a moderator from now onwards. I shall not be 
taking any maintenance request from any member.

It shall be on an auto pilot mode. My ardent request to all is to still follow 
the list guidelines meticulously, for doing so it shall maintain the dignity 
and realize the purpose for which the list was made in the first place.

I express my sincere thanks to all those who were with me and my apologies to 
those to whom I had to take action. I don't hold any grudge or any vendetta in 
doing so. It was an unpleasant task nevertheless a job which had to be done.

With this I sign off as a moderator.

Harish Kotian
Moderator, AccessIndia


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