just ordered and received RedMi Note 4 with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM.
the phone is good, and of course, we need to make some adaptations. a bit of 
advanced work like labling here and there etc. working fine anyway.
only one thing needs to be sorted out. when we press power button to power off 
the phone, talkback (or shine+) does not say anything. we have to explore the 
screen and locate the desired thing like power off or reboot and doubletap on 
it, doubletapping once again achieves the result. the issue is resolved but 
would like to know whether this happens with all Xiaomi phones or this 
particular model. or should i ask this is happening with my particular device 
only. those having MI phones should tell about this. technical team of Mi India 
couldn't give proper reply.
i think Austin Pinto on this list has good experience with Xiaomi devices.
With regards

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