Hello there,

The subject might be a bit unclear. Let me explain it a bit further

I am looking for a secondary android phone with a duel sim,with the OS
variant that's most accessible out of the box and requires no rooting, as
rooting voids the warranty from what I know.

I have noticed that most android phones seem to be slightly sluggish when it
comes to touch sensitivity, I.E you have to apply a bit of force to have
your touch register.

So here are my needs.

1: It has to be between 10k to 15k, the lower the better. Since my IOS
device meets all my needs and this will just be around for its duel sim
capabilities and a bit to enable me to get a feel for android and its

2: duel sim, read above.

3: doesn't have issues that most phones are bundled with I.E shitty


The ones I have heard good things about but know nothing when it comes to
their accessibility are the Lenovo k5,red me note 4? Or something.

Moto g5 and 5+ (yeah I know this is almost 17k but eh), moto g4 plus?

J5, although Samsung is one company I know to have issues.


Have you owned any of these? What have been your experiences like? Is there
another you'd suggest?

Thanks a bunch.


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