I was having some issues running Clipperz test suite with Opera 10.

Looking closer at the failed tests, I have find out that Opera 10 is
returning a messed up name and description for Exceptions.

This problem is triggered also running the default MochiKit tests; in
MochiKit.Async test actually.
The test expects an error with message "foo"
(test_MochiKit-Async.html, line 300; trunk version 1525), but the
actual value is "foo\r\nstacktrace: n/a; see
opera:config#UserPrefs|Exceptions Have Stacktrace".

Opera 10 is appending some extra values to the exception message,
screwing up the test; in my case, it alters the behaviour of the whole
application, as some execution paths are based on the value of the
returned error name.

Any idea on how to fix this problem? or just report it to Opera so
that they can fix it for the next release?


Giulio Cesare

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