On 02/25/2008 7:10:52 PM +0100, James <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Developer-type questions here. I run into path length limitations when  
> running PHP with mod_fcgid.
> I need to set "DefaultInitEnv PATH ..." to a rather long path; I quickly  
> hit the INITENV_VAL_LEN of 128 as defined in fcgid_pm.h.
>    * Are there negative effects if I bump this number up?
>    * What is the max path length for any given platform? fcgid_global.h  
> defines _POSIX_PATH_MAX as 255, which also seems low... (mine is 468 on my  
> Windows dev machine)

There should be no problem raising this limit up to 256, the posix path 
size limitation.

>    * Are there build instructions somewhere so I can do my own compile on  
> the Win32 platform?

mod_fcgid being a standard apache module, you have to use apache's own 
tools to compile mod_fcgid, or if you want it statically compiled, you 
can include it in the source. I'm not used to windows platforms, but 
there should be no difference in compiling mod_fcgid and other standard 
modules on windows.

> JFYI, some PHP extensions - like Sybase and Oracle clients - look for  
> library files in the PATH variable. Add in a few extra directories for  
> external programs you want PHP to call, and one quickly runs out of PATH  
> space.

PATH size in windows is larger maybe because windows paths are much 
longer than unix ones (of cours there are case where this is totally wrong).

> Any help is appreciated!
> - James
> (I would have sent this to a developers mailing list, but couldn't find it  
> if it exists.)

There isn't any developer list, this is the only one existing. Any 
suggestion or question is welcome here!


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