Hello, i'm using libapache2-mod-fcgid debian package, version 1:2.2-1 
with apache 2.2.8 and php 5.2.5.

I have very busy server, and i get a lot of idle php5-cgi in memory 
after few hours of work. when i try to see what they do, with strace, 
they are in accept mode or wait4 mode (no idea what that means)

they seem to be completly idle no matter what, never seen them do 
anything. they can hang for days, and if i don't kill them, they take up 

after i kill them, everything works fine. the question is, why the 
ProcessLifeTime in my configuration file doesn't work? or IdleTimeout ?

this is my current config, but i changed it a lot, i was also using the 
default settings (no config at all) and it was the same...

BusyTimeout 60
DefaultMinClassProcessCount 0
IPCConnectTimeout 6
IdleTimeout 300
IdleScanInterval 240
BusyScanInterval 90
ProcessLifeTime 3600
#MaxProcessCount 400
DefaultMaxClassProcessCount 60
PHP_Fix_Pathinfo_Enable 1
MaxRequestsPerProcess 10000
IPCCommTimeout 40
ZombieScanInterval 6
OutputBufferSize 262144

for example, today i had more than 300 php5 processes. so i took down 
apache, then killed all php5, and turned it on again, and everything is 
working smoothly on just ~70 process. but i'm sure it will grow again in 
few hours.

my script running the actual php5 binary looks like this:


export PHPRC
ulimit -t 16
exec /usr/lib/cgi-bin/php5

could you tell me, what's wrong?

kernel, apache is of course in worker mode.

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