Well I had the same problem , but then I modified modfcgid ( was 1.1
back then)

try this:

look at the diffs in:

well I think you should be able to port this to new versions of mod fcgid.
never had any problem with any language ( neither python php or pearl )


Anton - Valqk wrote:
> Okaaaay,
> so far, so good,
> mod_fcgid is passing the path to the php(or any other script/bin) it's
> trying to run and php searches in the wrong path,
> because in suexec I strip out the CHROOTBASE path.
> I'll have to patch mod_fcgid with the same striping code so the path to
> the command being run is the one without CHROOTBASE path.
> Any tips/ideas where in the code I can find the variable so I can
> dispatch it?
> thank you,
> valqk.
> cheers!
> Anton - Valqk wrote:
>> Hi group,
>> I'm trying to run mod_fcgid with custom suexec and fcgiwrapper.
>> I have it running without the  suexec, but when I get to this point I'm
>> stuck,
>> debugging for over a week.
>> The main problem is that if I run mod_fcgid with original apache suexec
>> it works,
>> as expected,
>> If I'm using _custom_ written from scratch suexec that makes chroot and
>> chuid/gid it won't work.
>> The problem appears when I enable it, the php is saying 'no input file
>> specified'.
>> I can't understand how the file/dir(php script) to be run from the php
>> interpretator is passed.
>> If I run apache+custom suexec(no mod_fcgid) I have DOCUMENT_ROOT and
>> and that's how php knows where to look for the php file(eventually if
>> not passed as argument which file to run as 3rd param to suexec).
>> As far as I saw when mod_fcgid calls suexec the third param is
>> fcgiwrapper file and no 4th param is passed(which file to run?),
>> no DOCUMENT_ROOT and SCRIPT_NAME is set too, so it's understandable that
>> php can't find/exec .php file...
>> Can anyone help me what should I do in my suexec (I use execve(argv[3],
>> *argv, enviorn) to exec the script wrapper);
>> Please give me any ideas, hints because I'm desperate!
>> If more info is needed pls tell me.
>> cheers,
>> valqk.

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