I have been using mod_fastcgi for years.  The apps are all C++ with my 
own code for handling the fastcgi socket.

Today I was experimenting with with using mod_fcgid instead with an eye 
toward comparing performance.

For the most part it worked straight away.  However I have one problem. 
  Some of the web pages required 'authorization'.  For this purpose 
there is an authorizer app as well as the cgi responder app.  Each of 
these are separate programs written to use FastCGI.

The problem I am seeing is that occasionally mod_fcgid seems to send the 
'authorizer' request to the 'responder' and the 'responder' request to 
the 'authorizer'.  I am inferring this by logging the role string.  The 
parameter contents seem to confirm this.  What could cause this?

In the httpd config for the VirtualHost I have:
     <Location /cgi-bin>
         AuthType             Basic
         AuthName             ArcaMaxEC
         FastCgiAuthenticator /home/bryan/arcamax/ecbin/ecauth
         require              valid-user
         Allow from all

     <Location /cgi-bin/ec4>
          SetHandler fcgid-script

This is on Centos 5 with the supplied apache 2.2.3.  mod_fcgid.so was 
produced with the apxs method as documented in the INSTALL.txt file. 
Note, the install instructions state the .so will be created in the .lib 
directory but I found it in the .libs directory.
Bryan White

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