Hi list,

I have set DefaultMaxClassProcessCount to 10 globally in my httpd.conf to 
restrict each vhost to running to more than 10 php processes. I would like to 
increase this setting for a couple vhosts, but when I put 
DefaultMaxClassProcessCount in a vhost, it seems to have no effect. I.e. I 
still can't create more that 10 php processes for that vhost.

I have also tried not specifying DefaultMaxClassProcessCount globally, but 
rather specifying it in every vhost, but the setting seems to still be ignored. 
In this case, each vhost seems to be able to run many php instances (I am 
assuming 100, the default setting for DefaultMaxClassProcessCount).

Are you able to specify DefaultMaxClassProcessCount on a per-vhost basis? If 
so, what am I doing wrong here?



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